How To Do A Greek Hairstyle

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How To Do A Greek Hairstyle
How To Do A Greek Hairstyle

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Every woman wants to feel like a goddess, for this you should not climb the Olympus, you just need to do your hair in the Greek style. The Greek theme is at the peak of its popularity nowadays, now everything Greek is fashionable: dresses, jewelry, hairstyles and even men. Greek hairstyles are more relevant and in demand. They are made for weddings, balls, parties.

How to do a Greek hairstyle
How to do a Greek hairstyle


Step 1

How to make a hairstyle in the Greek style, not only experts know, it can easily be done by non-professionals at home. A hairstyle in this style is perfect for long hair, as the main features of the Greek hairstyle are loosely flowing curls. But, nevertheless, the hairstyle in the Greek style remains free. The hair is either fully or partially pinned up, in some cases decorated with a triple hoop or fastened with hairpins and invisible hairpins.

How to do a Greek hairstyle
How to do a Greek hairstyle

Step 2

Greek hairstyles are suitable for women who want romantic waves without sacrificing convenience. Curled strands remain collected, but at the same time, the curls do not hide and remain in plain sight. The Greek style combines convenience, elegance, flawlessness, which can hardly be seen in other hairstyles.

Step 3

Before you do your Greek style hairstyle, you need to wind your hair all the way down. To prevent the curls from falling apart in a short time, first apply cosmetics to the hair for fixing. The result is smooth curls that should not be combed.

Step 4

The basis for the Greek hairstyle is ready, then with the help of all kinds of hairpins, crabs, hoops, invisibility, you can create a unique masterpiece of the Greek style.

Step 5

There are many options for hairstyles in the Greek style. The simplest and most common hairstyle in this style is hair pulled up on the sides and pinned up with a hairpin. You can also wrap strands of hair on both sides in bundles. The tourniquets are tucked tightly from the face towards the neck; at the neck level, the flagella are fixed with beautiful hairpins.

Step 6

You can experiment and instead of twisted flagella, braid the pigtails approximately to the level of the ears, then collect the strands in a tail or secure with hairpins and invisible hairpins. There is another option when the hair is collected in a ponytail not from behind, but on the side, and it will fall off in curls or curls. The result is a chic, elegant hairstyle in the front, and a luxurious wave of hair in the back.

Step 7

If twisted flagella or pigtail spikelets are difficult to do on your own, you can do a hairstyle in this style without them. Initially, you need to add volume to the hair, then intercept the hair with hairpins, at the bottom of the neck, or make a ponytail.

Step 8

Since the Greek hairstyle is based on curled strands, it is ideal for naturally curly hair and it looks especially impressive on such hair.

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