How To Curl A Wig

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How To Curl A Wig
How To Curl A Wig

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Today, the quality of artificial wigs is very high. They are made of special materials, which outwardly do not differ at all from natural hair. If you bought such a wig, then it will serve you for more than one year. But sometimes you want to somehow transform it, for example, curl it.

How to curl a wig
How to curl a wig

It is necessary

curlers, hairbrush, wooden blank or stand, oven


Step 1

Remember to curl your faux wig at a fairly high temperature. Therefore, use wooden or metal curlers. Do not use plastic ones as they may melt. You can even make your own curlers of the required diameter from cardboard. To do this, wind the cardboard tubes, glue them with Moment glue or PVA. Just do not use hot melt glue, it may just melt.

Step 2

Use a broiler, oven, or plenty of boiling water to curl your faux wig.

Step 3

Slip the wig onto the wooden block. It can be purchased from a specialty store or ordered to fit your head to a wood craftsman. Separating the strands, roll your hair in curlers. If you use cardboard curlers, then secure the hair with invisible ones. Place pieces of cardboard under the bobby pins to prevent your hair from kinking.

Step 4

Preheat oven to 95-100 degrees. Place the wig on a stand in a cabinet and keep at this temperature for 40-50 minutes. After that, unplug the oven, but do not open or pull out the wig. Let it cool completely to room temperature. Now you can pull out and carefully remove the curlers.

Step 5

There is another way to curl a wig. Take a wig, lightly dampen your hair. Wrap the curls tightly and place them in a basin or bath. Then pour boiling water over all the wrapped parts. Depending on the composition of the artificial hair, it will take 5-10 minutes to pour boiling water. At the end, rinse the curls with ice water.

Step 6

The only thing that needs to be monitored when performing such procedures so that the artificial hair does not begin to melt, then the temperature must be reduced.

Step 7

With a natural wig, everything is much easier. Lightly dampen your hair before curling. Use a wide-toothed comb to grab individual strands and wind them onto regular curlers. Leave the wig on the wooden block until it dries completely. Then carefully remove the curlers and style your hair carefully.

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