How To Make A Hairstyle With False Strands

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How To Make A Hairstyle With False Strands
How To Make A Hairstyle With False Strands

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At an important and solemn event, you often want to look special. A beautiful hairstyle can help you become more charming and beautiful. For important events such as a wedding or birthday, or a responsible reception, sometimes it is not enough just to style your hair as you do every day, especially if you have an evening dress. But, unfortunately, not all of us have thick and long hair, from which you can build a complex evening hairstyle. Then overhead strands come to the rescue.

How to make a hairstyle with false strands
How to make a hairstyle with false strands


Step 1

To create a natural look, attach the overhead strands like this: first, take the widest of them and carefully attach them under your own hair, then move on to the narrower and thinner ones. The thinnest ones are attached last, usually to the whiskey. After that, your own hair is lowered, combed so that the attachments are not visible. You can either leave your long hair loose or style your hair.

Step 2

False strands can be made from artificial or natural hair. Faux ones are cheaper, of course, but they often catch the eye and give the feel of a wig, which is not very pretty. It is better to use artificial strands in contrasting, even bright colors, without trying to pass them off as your hair. They are used most often for a fun party, for a birthday held in a club.

Step 3

For serious events, where you want to appear in all its shine, it is better to use strands of natural hair. You can buy ready-made or make to order, choosing a shade (or dyeing it in the desired color - after all, natural hair can be dyed). It will cost more, but you won't look ridiculous or stupid. Don't skimp on beauty.

Step 4

False hair needs care - it needs to be washed, gently dried, combed, and stored so that it looks fresh and beautiful.

Step 5

It is best not to use false strands before a romantic date. If inadvertently your chosen one sees you taking off or straightening artificial hair, this can ruin his love mood. Men are not very fond of such artificiality in female beauty. Try to keep your secrets to yourself.

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