How To Put On Overhead Strands

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How To Put On Overhead Strands
How To Put On Overhead Strands

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Overhead strands allow a woman to quickly change her look. The owner of short hair can with their help become long-haired for a short time, and a girl with thin strands can make a luxurious lush hairstyle. However, if you attach the false strands incorrectly, you can lose them at the wrong time and thus get into an awkward situation.

How to put on overhead strands
How to put on overhead strands


Step 1

Choose the right hair extensions. If you want your hairstyle to look natural, get the right length for your hair, made from natural hair that is close to yours. Such strands, unlike artificial ones, can be highlighted, dyed, straightened or curled with an iron, laid using various means, etc.

Step 2

Divide all overhead strands into occipital and temporal. The former, as a rule, are much wider than the latter. You cannot confuse them, because in this case you will only ruin your hairstyle, and in the end all the work will have to be redone again. Then divide all the occipital strands in width: the wider the hairpin, the closer to the crown it will be attached.

Step 3

If you have straight hair, brush a little back at the roots of each curl to which you will attach the hair strand, and then spray your hair with hairspray. It is most convenient to do this with each individual strand just before attaching the hair clip to it. Curly girls do not need this, since hairpins of false strands usually hold well on wavy curls.

Step 4

Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Take the strands that should be attached to the back of the head, and gently pin them, moving from the bottom up. After attaching one strand, release some of the hair gathered in a ponytail and cover the false curls with your own. Please note that there should be a distance of 2-3 cm between the hairpins. The last wide strand should be attached to the back of the head.

Step 5

Take narrow temporal hair extensions and attach them to your hair from the bottom up. To do this, you need to fix hairpins of overhead strands on your curls at the roots, and then cover them with your own hair. The distance between the overhead strands should be 1, 5-2 cm. Having finished pinning the strands, gently comb your hair and do your hair.

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