How To Cut Your Hair At Home

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How To Cut Your Hair At Home
How To Cut Your Hair At Home

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Knowing how to cut your hair at home can save you a lot of money and get great results. By choosing the right tools and following simple instructions, you can easily become an experienced home hairdresser.

How to cut your hair at home
How to cut your hair at home


Step 1

Take care of sharp hair clippers and a good set of combs and brushes. You can also make a small investment in a hair clipper. You can use hairpins, hairpins, crocodiles for hair, a powerful hairdryer and a water spray to moisturize your hair while cutting.

Step 2

When you are just starting to learn how to cut your hair, use your son, nephew or husband as the object, as a men's haircut is the perfect lesson to get started. What's more, men and boys don't care as much about what their head looks like. And mistakes are easy to correct with a hair clipper.

Step 3

Start by dampening your hair or shampoo it altogether. Comb gently, starting at the ends, gradually moving towards the top of the head.

Step 4

Learn simple haircuts first. The most commonplace is the reduction to one length over the entire head.

Step 5

For more complex haircuts, the hair should be divided using a comb and hairpins into zones: the left and right temporal zones, the upper nape and the lower occipital part.

Step 6

Start by trimming a small amount of your hair. Then you will have a margin to make them shorter in length. Cutting too much from the beginning can ruin your entire hairstyle.

Step 7

Comb your hair from the very base and hold the strands between your index and middle fingers. Measure the desired length and carefully cut off any excess. Continue with the next strand, keeping the same length, until one side is completed.

Step 8

Curly hair should be trimmed slightly longer than intended. Since the curls will be straightened on damp hair, and after drying I can get very close.

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