How To Make A Lush Styling

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How To Make A Lush Styling
How To Make A Lush Styling

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Very often, some women fail to create the lush hair styling for which they so strive. Having tried a variety of different types of different products, to create a lush hair styling, hair can be exposed to an unhealthy state. In order to painlessly create a lush hair styling, you need to have a stock of knowledge on this issue.

How to make a lush styling
How to make a lush styling


Step 1

Transform fine, lifeless hair into a beautiful hairstyle with lush styling. In general, to get a lush hairstyle, of course, you can buy shampoo, mask or conditioner. These products are designed to add volume to the hair. These cosmetic types of products, when used, form a thin film on the surface of the hair, due to which the hair becomes thicker and harder, and the hairstyle receives additional volume.

Step 2

The hairstyle takes on a magnificent look if: The correct direction for the hair roots is set. To achieve this, comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb while it is still damp, then apply a foam, conditioner or styling mousse. After that, you need to dry them with warm air using a hair dryer, while it is imperative to tilt your head. When drying hair, you can fluff it with finger movements, while giving the roots a vertical direction. Using this technique, the hair is lifted along its entire length.

Step 3

Use curlers. It is the curlers of large sizes that create a lush styling. When using them, the hair at the roots will rise, and the ends will curl into curls.

Step 4

Make a small perm with large curls. It will add a lot of volume to your hair. And if the hair is not sparse, but thick, but thin - this perm should not be done, so as not to injure thin hair.

Step 5

If this hair is strengthened, styling lasts better and longer. In this case, the hair must be strengthened from the inside. You need to eat lettuce, lamb or beef, as well as fish, carrots - these products contain biotin, panthenonic acid and amino acids.

Step 6

Apply the rinse to the hair only to the ends, not the entire length.

Step 7

Foam and mousse should only be applied to the hair roots.

Step 8

When using hair styling products, you need to achieve the result in the form of a lush look, and not weigh them down. To do this, you need to use foam, foam mousse and, in no case, do not use hair styling gel, as well as wax and cream, they do not give the hair a magnificent look, but only make the hair straight.

Step 9

We must not forget that when using a narrow nozzle for a hairdryer, the hair rises from the roots with warm air.

Step 10

By following these recommendations, your lush styling will be irresistible, even regardless of the size of your hair!

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