How To Straighten A Man's Hair

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How To Straighten A Man's Hair
How To Straighten A Man's Hair

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Curly hair is most often naughty: it is difficult for them to shape, since their structure is very rigid. Sometimes men with curly hair suffer from this hairstyle and want to straighten their curls. This can be done in various ways.

How to straighten a man's hair
How to straighten a man's hair

It is necessary

  • hairdryer;
  • iron;
  • comb with sparse teeth;
  • round comb;
  • styling product;
  • gel;
  • air conditioning.


Step 1

The easiest way to get rid of frizzy hair is to cut it short. But it should be remembered that a zero-cut haircut is not suitable for everyone. To do this, you must have an ideal head shape, ears are evenly pressed, and not protrude to the sides.

Step 2

If you do not risk cutting your hair baldly, then you will have to suffer. To straighten hair, use a hairdryer or iron. The hairdryer holds the leading position in hair styling.

Step 3

Comb your hair thoroughly with a wide-toothed comb. Apply a styling product to slightly damp hair and start straightening. Grab the hair from below with a round comb (take a strand not too thick so that it warms up well), pull it slightly away from the head, and direct warm air to this strand from above. And slowly pull until the comb reaches the end of the strand. Do the same with other curls.

Step 4

The second way is to straighten your hair with an iron. This device is not so many years old, but it has firmly entered the everyday life of women of fashion. It is easier to work with it than with a hairdryer, but the principle is the same. Insert individual strands into the iron and gradually pull it back.

Step 5

Both of these methods maintain the effect of straightened hair until the first wash. And then the procedure must be repeated regularly.

Step 6

The chemical method carried out in the salon gives a longer lasting effect. There are products that allow you to permanently straighten your hair. But first, think, maybe time will pass and you want to have fluffy curls again. In addition, in the salon, a professional will select the right composition for your hair type. But it should be borne in mind that the chemical effect does not go unnoticed for the hair. After chemical straightening, the hair must be carefully looked after in order to restore its structure.

Step 7

For hair care, use special products and then, after straightening, you will have to visit the hairdresser less often.

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