How To Dye Your Hair Ash

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How To Dye Your Hair Ash
How To Dye Your Hair Ash

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Ash shades of hair have remained on the crest of popularity since the end of the last century. Fashionable women of all ages have enjoyed these noble steel overflows. How do you achieve a popular color?

How to dye your hair ash
How to dye your hair ash


Step 1

The dye to give your hair an ashy shade should be chosen based on your own hair color. Brunettes are the most difficult to achieve this color scheme. First you need to bleach your hair with a special composition and only after a couple of weeks dye it in the desired color. These procedures have a harmful effect on the curls, so after bleaching and toning, be sure to use restorative products. To keep the appearance in order, tint the growing dark roots in time.

Step 2

It is much easier to give an ashy shade to chestnut and light brown hair. To do this, it is enough to use hair dye. No discoloration is required if the color difference does not exceed 2-3 shades. If the existing hair tone suits, tint shampoo will help to make it ashy. It contains a violet dye that gives a beautiful silvery hue. You need to be very careful when using this product on light hair. If you overexpose the shampoo, the curls will turn bright purple.

Step 3

Blondes can get an ashy color by dyeing their hair 1-2 tones darker or lighter than natural. It is better to use a gentle product without ammonia. Such paint will not only allow you to get the desired shade, but also strengthen the hair, saturating it with useful substances. Before using the coloring agent, be sure to read the instructions. The exposure time is extremely important, and washing off the composition sooner or later can get unexpected results.

Step 4

To keep the ash shade longer and not turn into yellow, for any type of staining, use a tint shampoo once a week. It will refresh the hair color, make it rich. Don't forget about firming balms and masks. Even healthy hair needs to be nourished with vitamins and minerals from time to time. This will avoid split ends and leave your curls shiny and silky.

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