How To Make A Beautiful Light Hairstyle

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How To Make A Beautiful Light Hairstyle
How To Make A Beautiful Light Hairstyle

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The ability to braid your hair is a real skill, because often they are so naughty and difficult to independently perform beautiful and light hairstyles. One of the most elegant, simple and quite original is the French braid. It can be braided in a variety of ways, but the most common is a double cross weave of two braids.

How to make a beautiful light hairstyle
How to make a beautiful light hairstyle


Step 1

Weaving a French braid, according to many, seems overwhelming for a beginner and can scare off the intention to learn. In fact, everything is much simpler. This hairstyle is suitable for owners of medium to long hair. Looks perfect in combination with decorative ribbons, decorative hairpins or small clips. For a person who has a rich imagination, decorating a ready-made hairstyle will not be difficult.

Step 2

Prepare your hair for the start of the hairstyle. Gently comb them back along the entire length, try to even out all the strands and collect the hair behind the ears.

Step 3

Separate a strand of hair at the crown of the head and divide it into three strands of equal thickness. It is good if you have special flat long clips at hand with which you can pin the lower, unused part of the hair so that it does not interfere with you while weaving the braids from the upper strand. After that, superimpose the right strand over the middle one, then do the same with the left strand. This stage is very similar to weaving a classic braid.

Step 4

Transfer all the strands obtained as a result of the previous step into your right hand, but at the same time make sure that the strands do not mix with each other and are separated from each other.

Step 5

From the right side, take small strands of hair and weave them towards the right center strand. If loose hair was pinned with a clip, do not forget to remove it first.

Step 6

Put the newly taken strand on the right side on the middle one and, together with the middle central strand, take it slightly to the right.

Step 7

Care must be taken to ensure that all available strands do not mix. In parallel with this, release your left hand.

Step 8

Take an even section of hair from the left side of the loose section and add it to the left center section.

Step 9

Place the left strand on the central one, and move the central part to the left. Always make sure that the strands do not mix with one another and loose hair. During the weaving process, you must keep your hands tightly pressed to the head, as this will ensure the tightness of the braid.

Step 10

Return to steps three and four and repeat until all the hair has been used up. The completion of the hairstyle can be made in one or two braids. One braid is fixed at the end with an interwoven tape or with an ordinary hair tie, and two braids can be braided in the classical way and cross-fastened one under the other.

Step 11

This stage is individual for everyone and depends on the presence of decorative elements and the performer's imagination: decorate the resulting hairstyle.

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