How To Lighten Hair And Remove Yellowness

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How To Lighten Hair And Remove Yellowness
How To Lighten Hair And Remove Yellowness

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The best way to get rid of depression or start a new life for a woman has always been a radical change of image, including coloring her hair in a different color. Although experts advise performing this operation in professional salons, especially if it is associated with lightening hair, many continue to do it at home. Often, self-lightening of hair is accompanied by the appearance of an ugly yellow tint on them, which can also be got rid of, knowing the secrets of professionals.

How to lighten hair and remove yellowness
How to lighten hair and remove yellowness


Step 1

If your hair has already been dyed before lightening, then you need to get rid of the coloring pigment remaining in it. For this, use a special pickling (washing off) agent. It will not be able to lighten dark hair, but it will remove pigment from the hair structure, which can affect the shade when lightening the hair and the chemical composition of the blond dye.

Step 2

Spare your hair and don't use over-the-counter hydrogen peroxide tablets, get a professional hair lightener from a specialist store. It contains a clarifier, the intensity of which: 3, 6, 9 or 12%, a sales assistant will help you choose. It depends on your hair color and structure. You can also choose a persistent blond dye of the required tone: caramel, honey, golden, platinum or ash.

Step 3

To prevent the appearance of yellowness, choose the right paint tone. For hair of warm shades, cold shades of paint are used - platinum or ash. This will help tint the yellow color, but when used at home, it will still show up on the hair over time. Buy a special shampoo for blondes right away, the use of which allows you to remove yellowness.

Step 4

Before lightening your hair, make sure there are no styling products on it - mousses, wax. They should be dry and not washed for at least 3-4 days, this will protect them from damage during painting. Mix the oxidizing agent and the coloring cream in accordance with the instructions, do not use metal containers for this.

Step 5

Comb through your hair and apply color to it, starting from the back of the head. If you want to lighten your hair only slightly, then keep the composition for 20 minutes; for more intense lightening, you will have to sit for 30-40 minutes. Then rinse off the color with warm water and apply balm to wet hair, this will help them cope with the stress and become silky and shiny.

Step 6

Use shampoo for blondes every other time with your regular shampoo. Tinted shampoo is concentrated, so before applying it on your head, dilute it with the usual one in a 1: 1 ratio. And be prepared for the fact that now you have to lighten the hair roots every 2-3 weeks, especially if your natural color is dark.

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