How To Make A Hairstyle Out Of Curls

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How To Make A Hairstyle Out Of Curls
How To Make A Hairstyle Out Of Curls

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Curly hair is back in fashion. Frivolous curls and romantic curls are increasingly seen at fashion shows. Such hairs are beautiful without styling, but for a change, you can collect curls in your hair.

How to make a hairstyle out of curls
How to make a hairstyle out of curls


Step 1

A classic bun made of curly hair looks elegant and neat. On wet hair, apply curly mousse and blow dry or naturally without brushing.

Step 2

Divide dry hair into four sections. Separate two large strands at the sides, one at the back of the head and another at the neck. Twist the upper and lower parts together so that the base of the bundle is at the bottom, near the neck, or at the top, closer to the crown. Holding the resulting tourniquet with one hand, wrap the other around its base, first the right and then the left strands.

Step 3

Press the base of the harness against your head with your finger and wrap the ponytail around it in a neat bun. Secure your hair with invisible hair. When doing this hairstyle, do not pull the hair too tight - the styling should be airy. To enhance this effect, you can release a few curls at the temples.

Step 4

Try to tame curly hair with a cool wave. Examples of this can be seen in photographs and in classic films from the 30s and 40s. Treat wet hair with styling wax. Apply wax to each strand so as to highlight its shape and at the same time remove excess "fluff".

Step 5

Part it straight or on the side. Start styling your hair on one side, moving from your face to the back of your head. Lay the first strand so that its waves evenly frame the face. Secure each new curl with an invisible one. Lay the next strand parallel to the previous one, while all the bends of the new strand must match the shape of the previous one. Style all curls with these crisp waves. Long hair can be left loose or pinned at the back of the head. This styling is more suitable for hair with large curls, rather than small curls.

Step 6

You can achieve a carelessness and wind effect in your hair with the help of styling products and a hair dryer. Apply curly hair gel to wet hair. Then, starting from the neck and moving to the face, separate thin strands from the shock. Twist each into a flagellum, then wrap it around the base and stab. Dry your hair with a hairdryer. After that, let your hair down. Do not comb them, but gently separate each strand with your fingers. Sprinkle hairspray on the roots of your raised hair.

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