How To Make A Beautiful Bun Out Of Hair

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How To Make A Beautiful Bun Out Of Hair
How To Make A Beautiful Bun Out Of Hair

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The 60s became the trend of this season. At that time, women made bunches of hair on their heads with a careless pile. They were emphasized with rims, bows and plaits made of fabric. This hairstyle opens up the neck, face, makes the image more elegant and sexy. Long hair, gathered in a bun, looks very beautiful not only on the catwalks, but also in life. It is quite possible to make a beautiful bun of hair on your own, and the process of creating it takes very little time.

Long hair in a bun
Long hair in a bun


Step 1

After washing, blow dry your hair with a little mousse for volume. Dry your hair with your head down. This technique will add volume to your hair and lift the hair at the roots. And the volume mousse will keep your hair splendid for a long time.

Step 2

Now make a high ponytail on your head, securing it with a strong, but not thick elastic band, having previously selected a small strand of hair from the bottom of the tail. Wrap the tail made with it and secure the end of the strand with an invisible strand so that the strand does not knock out of the hairstyle.

Step 3

Brush the tail a little. Then divide it into several parts and pin hair in random order with hairpins around the base of the ponytail at the back of the head. Now fix everything with varnish.

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