How To Straighten Hair After A Perm

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How To Straighten Hair After A Perm
How To Straighten Hair After A Perm

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Unfortunately, a visit to a hairdresser or beauty salon does not always bring satisfaction and good mood. Have a new hairstyle - and only after that you realize that this is not exactly what you wanted, and it is impossible to “wear” it on your head! Of course, the cut hair cannot be returned, but it is still possible to fight against the "chemistry" you did not like.

How to straighten hair after a perm
How to straighten hair after a perm


Step 1

The fastest, but alas, short-lived way to straighten your hair after you have done a perm is to use an electric iron. It is better to choose an iron with ceramic rather than metal plates so that the hair will deteriorate less. Dry your head well first. Then apply some heat protectant to your hair - milk, serum, or lotion. And then take hair in small strands and pass them under the hot press of the tool, just try not to hold it in one place for a long time. Use this method no more than once a week, otherwise you will lose your natural beauty altogether.

Step 2

Another way to straighten with an iron is to wash your hair with a neutral shampoo, dry it and spray it with a straightening spray. After that "go" through your hair with an iron.

Step 3

Also try straightening your hair after shampooing with a very strong conditioner and wax to straighten your hair.

Step 4

If the curl is light, you can try to "stretch" the hair with a hair dryer and a round comb (preferably with natural bristles). To enhance the effect, use gel, foam, in general, any hair straightening product. Start the procedure while your hair is damp. Unfortunately, if the weather is wet, hair can return to its original, frizzy state. But you can try.

Step 5

If you can't do this at home, go to a beauty salon again: specialists have special, chemical, straightening products. In this case, your hair is straightened as much as possible, and then it is well moistened with a curling solution. But remember that if your hair is dyed with any natural dye (henna or basma), you should not spend money on chemical straightening - the solution will still not be able to penetrate the hair. After you straighten your hair, you need to treat it, because they are already badly damaged. Lubricate them more often with burdock oil, various restorative masks, do not tie or pinch them, try not to use a hairdryer and do not comb when wet.

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