How To Dye Your Hair Green

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How To Dye Your Hair Green
How To Dye Your Hair Green

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Green

Video: How To Dye Your Hair Green
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Extreme hair colors are in demand at parties, specialty photography projects, and for filming. You can get green color using special dyes.

How to dye your hair green
How to dye your hair green

It is necessary

  • - colored hair gel;
  • - hair tonic;
  • - hair clarifier;
  • - colored hair dye;
  • - gloves.


Step 1

There are several ways to get such a custom shade of hair. These are persistent dyes that do not wash out even a month after dyeing, and unstable, which last until the first hair wash. Persistent are dyes that contain ammonia, and unstable are colored hair sprays, tonics, etc.

Step 2

Buy a specialty hairspray. It gives a certain shade to your hair. Comb your hair and apply hairspray from a distance of 25 cm to the strands. You can also use colored mascara, which began to be produced back in the mid-90s. Apply mascara to selected strands and style. Try using colored hair gel, sometimes sold with a comb. Before it dries, the hair can be styled in different ways. For example, straighten them and color in the strands that frame the face. Colored gels or paints can be purchased at theater shops that sell makeup.

Step 3

You can change hair color with tint balms. But it works best on blonde hair, so if you're a brunette, don't count on bright green hair. Tonics stay on the curls for a week, maximum two. This is the best option for those who want to make some changes to their appearance, but do not burn their hair with permanent dyes.

Step 4

If you want your hair to retain its green color for a long time, then lighten it before dyeing. Use white henna for this. Buy paint of the desired color from a professional cosmetics store and apply the stain. You can go to a specialist or paint yourself. Divide your hair into sections and apply color to them, wait 25 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. Apply a moisturizing balm to your hair. Wash your hair no less than a day after staining, so the color will last longer. The best range of colors is provided by Manic Panic paint.