How To Cut Bangs Correctly

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How To Cut Bangs Correctly
How To Cut Bangs Correctly

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Stylists believe that a suitable bang can be found for almost any woman. Contact a professional hairdresser - he will find exactly the haircut that suits your individual look. It is important to cut your bangs correctly, as they are a very visible detail of any hairstyle and should look impeccable. If you need to shorten it with your own hands, be extremely careful and adhere to the basic rules of a haircut.

How to cut bangs correctly
How to cut bangs correctly

It is necessary

  • - Sharp scissors;
  • - thinning scissors;
  • - spray bottle and warm water;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hairdryer and styling products;
  • - consultation with an experienced hairdresser.


Step 1

Decide what kind of bangs you want to see as a result of a haircut. Often, the choice of hairstyle depends on the individual characteristics of the appearance of the fair sex. For instance:

• with thin hair, to obtain volume, the master advises to make a stocking from the very top of the head;

• an elongated face is well masked by an even and thick bangs;

• owners of a square or round face are advised to choose hairstyles with asymmetrical bangs;

• on young ladies of small stature, smoothed bangs look good, and on tall girls - fleece.

Step 2

Prepare to trim your bangs. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo and blow dry. Hairdressers always recommend cutting only dry hair. Curly and very thick and naughty curls can be slightly moistened with a spray bottle. Always keep in mind that wet bangs will stick together into locks, and after drying, it rises slightly.

Step 3

Choose a well-lit area to trim your bangs. Use scissors that are sharpest and of sufficient length. Ideally, you need a professional tool - it can be purchased at special outlets for hairdressers.

Step 4

Comb thoroughly and separate all hairs that do not fit into the bangs - tuck the long ones into a ponytail, and fasten the short ones with clips.

Step 5

Start cutting the bangs from the center line of the forehead, and then gradually move to the left; further - to the right edge. One of the important rules is that the scissors must be held at an angle of 45 degrees. Recommended for the beginning of the hair; take the following little by little, focusing on the finished cut. Always hold the hair to be trimmed with two fingers and pull it equally!

Step 6

File your cropped bangs to make them look more natural and softer and more manageable. For this work, it is advisable to use special thinning scissors. As a last resort, work with the tips of a regular tool. Divide the bangs into several strands, each of which you will process separately. Twisting the strand, cut it in the middle, then just above the edge.

Step 7

Check your hairline. The edging will make the hairstyle more neat. Comb your hair with a comb and, keeping the scissors parallel to their growth, make 1-inch cuts along the entire length of the bangs.

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