How To Remove Ashy Hair

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How To Remove Ashy Hair
How To Remove Ashy Hair

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Almost every girl has experimented with her hair color at least once in her life. Girls change shades of hair, do highlighting, bleaching, dye with various tonics. However, sometimes the result does not live up to expectations, and in the end you end up with a completely different color than you dreamed of. In this case, the first thing that comes to your mind is how to get rid of the resulting shade? There are many recipes, for each shade - its own. But most of the problems arise in girls who have light shades of hair, since different colors can give unexpected shades on such hair.

How to remove ashy hair
How to remove ashy hair


Step 1

Keep in mind that in addition to the shade before dyeing, it is also necessary to analyze the condition of the hair. For example, in summer, the bright sun and sea water have a detrimental effect on blonde hair, as a result of which it absorbs the coloring pigment, like a sponge. As a result, you may end up with an unwanted ash tint that you need to get rid of.

Due to the same condition of the hair, they will not keep this pigment for a long time. So just wash your hair a few times with a good deep cleansing shampoo and it will go away on its own. Also, make various moisturizing and nourishing masks: they are great for knocking out color from damaged hair.

Step 2

If you used tinting agents for coloring, put more effort and patience: it will take much longer to wait until the shade disappears. It is best to turn to a professional in such a situation: do not torment your hair, pay more attention to it and do not use untested dyeing compounds at home.

Step 3

Shades of hair color can be evened out using different dyes of neighboring shades. Use, for example, mild blonding creams that will slightly even out the shade in case you are worried about the unevenness of the ash shade along the length of the hair. After that, tint your hair in the desired color with semi-permanent paint - the effect will not be long in coming.

Step 4

Also try working on the shade with super-blond paints, which will overpower the ash color and make the overall tone a little smoother. Again, pay attention to the composition of the paint: do not save on hair, otherwise in the future there will be nothing to save on.

Step 5

Another way out is discoloration. However, only choose this option when you are confident that others will not work. Bleaching has a negative effect on hair, so be sure to regularly apply various therapeutic masks and shampoos to damaged hair to restore its natural balance after the procedure.

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