How To Lighten Red Hair

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How To Lighten Red Hair
How To Lighten Red Hair

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Scientists have proven that a woman almost always radically changes her hair color if an important event has happened in her life, or she is just going to change something. Then painting in a different color is a kind of preparation for the upcoming changes. Only 10% of women change their image just like that. Very often, striving for beauty and sexuality, ladies lighten their hair. Sometimes this is not easy to do, since the natural hair color consists of a certain combination of black-brown and red pigments. During discoloration (oxidation of the color pigment), only the first pigments quickly disintegrate, while red is very difficult to discolor. How to turn from a fiery beast into a gentle blonde correctly?

Red hair pigment is difficult to lighten
Red hair pigment is difficult to lighten


Step 1

Assess the condition of your hair.

You should take this point seriously, because if you decide to dye weak, damaged strands, then in this case you run the risk of being left without hair at all, since damaged ones may not withstand the harsh lightening procedure and begin to break off along the entire length. Evaluate the condition of your hair according to the following criteria:

- presence and percentage of gray hair;

- whether the hair was previously dyed;

- the condition of the tips;

- dry hair;

- hair sensitivity.

If your hair is difficult to dye, it is worth weighing the pros and cons again. Red hair is usually thin in structure, so it is very easy to ruin it, but the recovery process can be very long.

Step 2

Decide on a bleach.

If you have such an opportunity, it is better to carry out the procedure for lightening red hair at the hairdresser. If you decide to turn into a blonde at home, then consult with a specialist which bleaching agent is most suitable for you. To lighten red hair, most often you have to carry out not one, but two procedures, so only a professional hairdresser can help you make a choice.

Step 3

Apply the bleach to your hair correctly.

This is the first stage of turning into a blonde. The brightening agent is applied to dry, unwashed hair, starting in the darkest areas: from the back of the head. If the ends are dry, they should be painted last. The same goes for the temples. The mixture is left on the hair for 20 to 50 minutes, depending on how fast the dyeing goes. If, after the first lightening, the red hair pigment has not completely oxidized, then this means that you will need a second lightening, which can be carried out no earlier than after 2 weeks. During this time, the hair structure will recover slightly.

Step 4

Color your hair after lightening in the desired shade.

This is the second stage of discoloration. It is carried out when the initially red hair, under the influence of blonding agents, has become yellow or pale yellow. A tinting agent or mild ammonia-free paint is applied to the hair. If the hair is very yellow, then it is better to choose natural light shades of paint with a golden sheen. Yellowness is neutralized by tinted shampoos with lilac pigments, which are applied to clean, damp strands for literally 3 minutes, and then washed off.

Step 5

Treat bleached hair properly.

To become a gorgeous blonde with beautiful hair, you need to start intensively and regularly care for them after bleaching. For washing, use only special mild shampoos. Conditioning balm and protective leave-in creams and sprays should be at your fingertips. Do not forget to do regenerating masks several times a week: natural or industrial. Only with good care will bleached hair look great and attract attention with its golden or platinum sheen.

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