How To Make A Tail With Roosters

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How To Make A Tail With Roosters
How To Make A Tail With Roosters

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The ponytail hairstyle was always supposed to be done in such a way that there were no “roosters” left on the head - loose hair. But at the last shows of the haute couture collections, the tail with roosters was known as a new fashion trend. How do you make such a hairstyle so that it looks neat and modern?

How to make a tail with roosters
How to make a tail with roosters

It is necessary

  • -rubber;
  • -hairbrush.


Step 1

It is necessary to immediately realize the fact that the tail with "roosters" is by no means ordinary poorly combed hair gathered in a pile. This hairstyle needs to be done even more carefully and neatly than traditional styling. Also try to predict how others will react to your hairstyle at the event for which you are preparing. Obviously, this arrangement would be more appropriate in an informal youth environment, and not in serious business negotiations.

Step 2

First, wash your hair thoroughly and dry your hair. On unwashed hair, "roosters" will look very untidy. Next, comb your hair, pulling it back. Use a massage brush or a pig bristle brush to style your hair more beautifully and make it more manageable.

Step 3

Pull out a few strands of hair a little to the side of the crown: the "roosters" should not protrude symmetrically. Try to create them as naturally as possible. Make 2-3 protruding strands, stir them a little with a comb or fingers. Do not pull the strands out strongly.

Step 4

Choose the height at which the tail will be fixed - it depends solely on your desire. It is very easy to fasten the ponytail with the help of the most ordinary elastic band or hairpins. If desired, the tail can even be fixed on the side. When securing a hairpin or elastic, try to make sure that the protruding strands do not "tighten" back.

Step 5

Comb through the pinned ponytail. Spray the strands-"roosters" a little hairspray. However, be careful not to overdo it, because the hairstyle should seem as natural as possible.

Step 6

Keep in mind that it is very important for this hairstyle that the hair is evenly colored. Otherwise, loose strands will reveal regrown hair roots of a different color, and the overall look of the hairstyle will be far from ideal.

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