What Are The Types Of Perm Hair

What Are The Types Of Perm Hair
What Are The Types Of Perm Hair

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Perm allows hair to keep any shape for a long time. Its essence is always the same: the hair is impregnated with a chemical composition and wound on curlers or papillotes. Retainer treatment allows hair to be fixed in a new position. Depending on the means used, there are several types of perm.

What are the types of perm hair
What are the types of perm hair

One of the oldest hair curling methods is still popular and is not losing ground - acidic. This is one of the longest-lasting curls that lasts more than 6 months. The chemicals used for it penetrate the hair and create a rather stiff curl. Acidic curling is not suitable for owners of soft and thin hair, as it stretches at the root and does not hold its shape. Hair after the procedure often becomes brittle and dry.

An alkaline perm lasts only 3 months, but has a softer effect on the hair. Curls look natural, elastic enough. An alkaline preparation penetrates into the hair and at the same time opens its outer scales (as opposed to an acidic one). For coarse straight hair, this procedure may be practically useless - after a month the hair is straightened.

Thioglycolic acid-based perm can be done even on colored hair, as it is quite mild. But this "chemistry" lasts only a month and a half.

One of the modern methods of curling, combining the first two types, is neutral. The product contains allontoin, thanks to which the hair does not dry out. The acidic pH of the preparation is balanced, therefore it is suitable for all types of hair, acts on them gently and carefully. Nevertheless, the hairstyle turns out to be quite persistent.

To minimize the negative effects of perm, use an amino acid perm. In addition to amino acids, it contains proteins that heal and nourish the hair, so curls are soft, soft and natural. However, this type of perm is not suitable for coarse, long or heavy hair.

One of the most gentle but effective curls is the “silk wave”. The preparations contain silk proteins, they even improve the structure of the hair and care for it. Even dyed and bleached hair becomes thicker and more vibrant. Such a perm will last for two to three months.

Another effective healing method is biowave. As part of the preparation, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid are replaced by more gentle bioelements, similar to hair molecules. The biowave includes such popular types as "Italian" based on bamboo extract, "Angel curls" using a botanical complex.

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