How To Weave Hair Bores

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How To Weave Hair Bores
How To Weave Hair Bores

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Pigtails made of threads in the hippie style, or boring, are a fashionable and original hair accessory. This custom hairstyle can be done on hair of any length. There are two most common ways of weaving borings.

How to weave hair growth
How to weave hair growth

It is necessary

  • - hairbrush;
  • - floss threads;
  • - beads;
  • - beads.


Step 1

Use a comb to separate the thin section of the hair that you are going to braid. Then take two colored threads of floss of the same size, but twice the length of the strand of hair. Now tie an ordinary knot at its base. To prevent the threads from slipping, you can make several knots.

Step 2

Secure the knot firmly and wrap the straightened strand of hair and three strands with the fourth strand. Do this so that the threads are very close to each other.

Step 3

After weaving the desired distance of the braids with a thread of the same color, change it by taking a thread of a different color from the strand and continue weaving, tucking the thread of the previous color inside. Change the colors until you run out of threads and you are completely finished with this process. Finish the weave by tying a neat knot at the tip of the strand.

Step 4

You can weave as many of these braids as you like. Then, when you want to remove the braid, just gently unwind the threads and comb through your hair.

Step 5

There is another more convenient way to weave borings, since during the creation of the braids, the threads do not slip off the strands of hair. Take, as in the first case, the threads and select the necessary strand of hair. Holding with your fingers, fasten the thread at the base of the strand and begin to weave a regular pigtail, carefully weaving the threads into it.

Step 6

Then, using the free ends of the colored threads, braid the pigtail. Moreover, you need to weave in half loops, threading the end of the thread into the previous loop. Tighten the half loop, pulling the thread each time. Thanks to this, the boring will be smoother and more beautiful.

Step 7

Make as many knots as you like, constantly changing colors until you wind the braid to the end and finish the bore to the length you want. Finally, decorate it, for example, with beads or beads.

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