How To Do Your Hair For The Evening

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How To Do Your Hair For The Evening
How To Do Your Hair For The Evening

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Have you been unexpectedly invited to a restaurant or for a birthday party? Are you worried that you will not be able to visit the hairdressing salon in time? Do not despair, there is a way out! A spectacular evening hairstyle with your own hands is easy! This hairstyle is versatile as it suits all women regardless of hair length. In addition, it is very simple to execute, does not require any special skills and a lot of time. It is called the "Wet Hair Effect" and looks great in combination with evening wear.

How to do your hair for the evening
How to do your hair for the evening

It is necessary

Shampoo, hair dryer with diffuser, fixing gel or foam for hair, comb with rare teeth, hairspray with glitter, hair jewelry


Step 1

So, the first thing to do is wash your hair thoroughly and blow-dry your hair until it is slightly damp. Then prepare the hair dryer diffuser. You will also need some kind of hair styling cosmetic: gel or foam. The gel is still preferable, since it more reliably fixes the hair and allows the hairstyle to maintain its original appearance for a long time. So, we distribute the styling product on wet hair, first with our hands, and then with a comb with rare teeth.

Step 2

The next step: we separate a strand of hair, crush it and twist it into a neat little lump, then fix it with a diffuser and dry it slightly. Then we carefully take the next strand of hair and do the same manipulations as with the first one: crush, twist, fix, dry. So - strand by strand.

Step 3

When all the strands are curled and dried, spray on top of the hairstyle with varnish with gold or silver sequins. For greater hairstyle effect, hair can be decorated with flowers or beaded hairpins. Do not overdo it with decoration elements: if one flower is large enough, hairpins are usually used no more than 5-6, depending on their size and the volume of your hairstyle. Have a good mood and a delicious evening!

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