How To Dye Your Hair Pink

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How To Dye Your Hair Pink
How To Dye Your Hair Pink

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Representatives of the fair sex dye their hair for various reasons: some do not like the natural color, others want to radically change their image, for the third, the change in hair color is marked with changes in life. And it really is: a new hair color changes a person a lot.

How to dye your hair pink
How to dye your hair pink

It is necessary

  • - hairdressing salon;
  • - gloves;
  • - hair dye;
  • - hair tonic;
  • - clarifier;
  • - hair care products.


Step 1

If you decide to dye your hair pink, then be prepared for the fact that after completing the many stages of dyeing, through which you have to go, you will notice the interested looks of the people around you.

Step 2

Determine the color and condition of your hair. Non-dyed hair is more susceptible to dyeing agents than dyed dark hair. If you are a natural or dyed blonde, making your hair pink will be much easier for you than for brunettes.

Step 3

Purchase a wash if your hair is dark colored. Similar products are sold in cosmetic stores. They are designed to neutralize the pigments left on the hair after the previous dyeing. Apply the product to dry hair and wait for the time indicated in the instructions.

Step 4

Start the lightening process. If you are a natural blonde, then you do not need to lighten. If dyed, then lighten only the hair roots. Dark hair should be lightened no more than two to three shades at a time, allowing two to three weeks between bleaching.

Step 5

Part your hair into strands and apply the lightener evenly. The most common clarifiers are Blondoran and Blondex. They can be purchased at beauty stores.

Step 6

The last stage is toning. Get a rosewood tonic, burgundy tonic, or a permanent paint. Apply evenly to dry hair and work for the time indicated in the instructions. Remember that the longer you keep the dye on your hair, the brighter and richer the color will be.

Step 7

Keep in mind that tonics wash off much faster than paints. Therefore, if you want to achieve a lasting effect, use color fixing agents after painting. You can also apply shampoos and conditioners for colored hair to care for your hair on a permanent basis. This will keep the color bright for a longer period.

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