How To Style Your 30s Hairstyle

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How To Style Your 30s Hairstyle
How To Style Your 30s Hairstyle

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As you know, fashion is a capricious and changeable lady. Not only dress styles and styles change - hairstyles and makeup also change. The turbulent twenties are being replaced by a decade of femininity and elegance - the 30s of the XX century are coming. Women, no matter how poor they are, strive to look dignified - they wear long dresses, make graceful curls. And now, after almost a hundred years, the fashion for retro is back. How to be fashionable? How to get a 30s hairstyle?

How to style your 30s hairstyle
How to style your 30s hairstyle

It is necessary

  • - hair styling product
  • - curlers


Step 1

It would seem that practically nothing has changed in the haircut. Yes, the same "garcon" worn by women in the 1920s - a medium-length haircut (when the hair reaches the earlobes) with a side parting. Only now the way of styling it becomes more feminine - natural wavy curls are becoming fashionable, while the bangs fit with the hair, opening the forehead. In the 30s, an innovation came into fashion - a turban made of fabric. It was very convenient when it was not possible to follow the hair - after all, straight hair was considered almost bad taste then.

Step 2

To style your hairstyle in the style of the 30s, it is enough to style the hair around the face and head in waves - for this, as a rule, either small curlers are used, or the waves are formed using large hairpins. There are three types of waves: wide (or soft), narrow (these waves are very thin, with sharp bends), and very wide. To achieve the inherent softness of the hairstyles of that time, it is enough to apply a styling product to the hair and curl the hair on curlers, winding them through a row in the opposite direction.

Step 3

After that, the hair needs to be combed for a long time until the very waves come out. In order to get curls fashionable at that time, you need to wet your hair and style one curl at a time: taking a thin strand in your hand, wind it around your finger. Then, carefully removing the resulting ring, secure it with invisible crosswise. And so every strand. When the hair is dry, remove the invisibility and comb the hair.

Step 4

So, a woman of the 30s is no longer a boy, a "garcon" as she looked a decade earlier, but a grown-up lady, sweet and graceful, who attracts attention with femininity, mystery and charm.

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