How To Find Out Which Hairstyle Suits You

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How To Find Out Which Hairstyle Suits You
How To Find Out Which Hairstyle Suits You

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In order to determine the correct choice of hairstyle, many parameters should be taken into account. This is social status, and the shape of the face, height and weight, and the density of hair, and, of course, age. It is very difficult to cope with such a question on your own and it is better to listen to the advice of experienced stylists.

How to find out which hairstyle suits you
How to find out which hairstyle suits you


Step 1

For a round face, short hairstyles are suitable, for example, a haircut below the chin with straight bangs. But for an oval face, any styling is suitable, the main thing is that more volume is at the back of the head. For an elongated face, you need to create volume on the sides, and "torn" hair edges or a ladder will add softness to your look. The optimal solution for a square face is curls and curls. It will be better if the volume of the hairstyle is above your head. With a triangular type - the volume in the temples, and in the jaw area - empty.

Step 2

Strands of hair on the cheeks and bangs will visually enlarge the eyes. A high forehead can be masked with bangs. Bulky hairstyles or wavy hair will smooth out the look of a large mouth or nose. With a short neck, only get short haircuts. Cover the defects of the auricles with wavy curls.

Step 3

A fluffy hairstyle, no matter how hard you try, will not come out of thin hair. The best option is to have a flat bottom edge of the haircut, so the hair will appear thicker. If your hair is thick, choose hairstyles with straight, flowing hair. If, nevertheless, you decide to clean them up, then do not make a tight knot. For curly hair, haircuts with different levels are suitable. And in any case, do not do short haircuts.

Step 4

Any haircut is suitable for young girls with a slender figure. You just need to work out those flaws that are on the face, and mask them with small strokes from the hairstyle. In general, youth is a time for experimentation. Don't be afraid to look for yourself in a new image. Get haircuts, dye your hair, or do curls.

Step 5

But middle-aged women should take into account not only external parameters (height, weight, etc.), but also their social status. If the status of your profession requires a dress code, then loose hair shouldn't even be considered. Better to make a beautiful styling or choose a haircut that will not take a lot of time to style.

Step 6

Ladies of retirement age prefer to cut their hair short, believing that long hair does not dye it. This is a misconception. If the hair is well-groomed and thick, it will look spectacular on any woman. Moreover, at the moment there are many gentle hair dyes that make it possible to paint over any gray hair. Feel free to do haircuts of medium length, and in the mirror you will see a woman who is 20 years younger.

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