How To Weave Braids Into Your Hair

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How To Weave Braids Into Your Hair
How To Weave Braids Into Your Hair

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If your hair is not thick and long enough and you want to look feminine, try braiding your hair with fake braids. Well-chosen strands will not be noticeable and will give the hair the necessary volume. You can also tweak the strands a little lighter or darker to get the highlighting effect on your hair.

How to weave braids into your hair
How to weave braids into your hair

It is necessary

  • - artificial or natural hair extensions;
  • - hair clip;
  • - tracing paper;
  • - glue;
  • - thread with a needle or a sewing machine;
  • - spray bottle with salted water.


Step 1

Prepare artificial braids - kanekalon or specially treated natural human hair. Kanekalon can be doused with boiling water so that it holds its shape better and longer. If your hairstyle permits, make the braids in advance, this will save time when braiding.

Step 2

Try to separate individual hair into strands. To do this, spread them on a sheet of tracing paper in a thin layer, coat with a layer of glue and cover with another sheet. After the glue is dry, sew often with a sewing machine or by hand, then remove the tracing paper.

Step 3

Divide the surface of the head into the required number of areas. If you are doing African braids, make sure that the sections are approximately equal to each other, have smooth edges and diverge symmetrically from the parting.

Step 4

If you have a hairpin at the end of your faux braid, take care to hide it when creating your hair. To do this, hook the hairpins in those places that will be covered with your hair in the future.

Step 5

Start braiding as usual, starting at the roots of your hair. Try not to pull on the strands of hair to avoid damaging the hair follicles. At the same time, too little tension will make the hairstyle look messy.

Step 6

You can first make a ponytail by placing the strands inside, and then start braiding the braids, mixing your own and fake hair.

Step 7

To discreetly weave the braid into your hair, fold the fake curl in half and attach it to the inside of the base of your own braid. On the next weave, attach half of an artificial curl to one of your strands, add the other half to the other strand.

Step 8

If there are several strands and the total length of the braid is not important, weave them gradually, hiding the ends inside the braid. Gradually, your hair will smoothly turn into an artificial braid. If the ends of your own hair stick out, trim them carefully.

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