How To Get Your Hair In Medium Length

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How To Get Your Hair In Medium Length
How To Get Your Hair In Medium Length

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With the help of a regular hair clip, you can make a voluminous and neat hairstyle for medium-length hair. It is easy to do this even at home. Plus, it won't take long to create it. This styling looks romantic and unobtrusive.

How to get your hair in medium length
How to get your hair in medium length

It is necessary

  • beautiful hair clip,
  • hairdryer,
  • hair clips,
  • round brush for styling hair,
  • fixing agent.


Step 1

Hair must first be washed (a refreshing nourishing hair mask will not be superfluous at all), and then dry a little with a hairdryer. Wet strands should not weigh down the hair and pull the curls down. After that, you need to apply a styling agent. Divide your hair into several zones: upper and lower occipital, temporal, parietal. It is better to secure each of them with clamps.

Step 2

Using a hair dryer and a round brush, start styling each section. You need to start from the occipital zone of the head. It is very important that you do this against hair growth. It is best to place the brush directly at the hair roots. You need to move from the roots to the ends, lifting the strand up. This technique will help add volume to your hair. In addition, they will become somewhat more luxuriant at the roots.

Step 3

Then move on to the next strands. Follow the steps described in the second step with each of them. In this case, it is advisable to observe a certain sequence in laying: first the lower occipital part, then the upper, temporal and parietal zones.

Step 4

After all the strands are treated with a hairdryer, you will need to let the hair cool down. Otherwise, all your efforts may be in vain. Actions with cooled hair allow you to perfectly maintain the shape of the hairstyle. Comb your hair a little. Then smooth them with a brush.

Step 5

Gather together a few strands from the sides, as well as from the back of the head. Take a nice hair clip and clip it to the back of your head. If you use a clip in your work, it is better to first twist the hair, and only then pin it. The hairstyle is ready!

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