How To Make A "Cold Wave" Hairstyle

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How To Make A "Cold Wave" Hairstyle
How To Make A "Cold Wave" Hairstyle

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Video: Вечерняя прическа с холодной волной. Evening Hairstyle Based on a Cold Wave 2023, February

A feminine hairstyle, styled in S-shaped waves, immediately carries over to the 20-30s of the last century. The imagination draws skinny girls in silk dresses, with a lot of jewelry, brightly painted lips and perfectly styled hair hidden under a net. Such a woman cannot be forgotten.

How to do your hair
How to do your hair

It is necessary

  • - styling gel;
  • - hair spray;
  • - hairbrush;
  • - hair clips;
  • - hair net.


Step 1

It is best to do the "Cold Wave" hairstyle on a short haircut or on a square. If the basic haircut is stepped, then the waves may not work: the ends will be knocked out. Of course, doing such a hairstyle on your own is not easy. It is better to contact a master who will have to spend an average of 60-90 minutes.

Step 2

The main elements of the hairstyle are parting, wave, crown and curl. The parting can be straight, oblique or half parting. Cold styling is usually done with a side parting. Waves are divided into straight, oblique and transverse.

Step 3

A wave is a strand of hair, styled with a smooth bend and bounded on both sides by crowns (the highest wave line). Straight waves are located parallel to the parting, oblique - at an angle of 45 degrees, transverse - perpendicular. They can be made narrow and wide, large, deep and flat. A distinction is also made between a protruding and a backward wave. Depending on the location on the head, the waves are frontal, temporal and facial. Curls are subdivided into straight, oblique, horizontal, vertical, drainage.

Step 4

To create a look, apply the styling gel to clean, damp hair. Then, with a comb with fine teeth, separate the strand of hair and determine the direction of the wave, stepping back 1-1.5 cm from the parting. The number of waves is different, but usually at least 5 on the larger side of the parting and at least three on the smaller side.

Step 5

The middle finger of the left hand is superimposed on the intended place of the wave bend. Step 1 cm away from your finger, insert the comb into your hair and slide it sharply to the side. Lay the comb flat and slide the hair off it, pressing the strand tightly against your middle finger - you should get crowns. The higher the tip, the longer the styling will last.

Step 6

Do not remove the comb from your hair, but comb it. After that, at a distance of 2 cm from the completed crown, press the middle finger of the hand again, but shift the comb in the opposite direction. The result will be a second crown, and a new wave will begin. Complete all the waves, connecting them at the back of the head.

Step 7

For a better hold of your hair, so that it does not move, use clips, but make sure that they do not leave kinks in the hair. Since Cold Wave is only performed on damp hair, you can use a hairnet while it dries.

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