How To Curl Medium Length Hair

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How To Curl Medium Length Hair
How To Curl Medium Length Hair

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Medium length hairstyles, that is, just below or above the shoulder line, are back in fashion. Hair like this is much easier to care for than really long hair, but at the same time, you can create incredibly feminine and varied styling with it. Usually, one of the main difficulties in the care of medium-length hair is its curling, since it is this length that is very demanding on the volume and shape of styling.

How to curl medium length hair
How to curl medium length hair

It is necessary

  • - curlers,
  • - combs,
  • - hair styling foams,
  • - chemical solutions for long-term curling,
  • - mirror.


Step 1

In order for shoulder-length hair to look beautiful, it must be curled regularly. Curling can be either normal, made with curlers, curling irons or irons, or long-term - chemical. But no matter how the hair is curled, it must be done correctly so as not to harm their health and external state.

Step 2

If ordinary curlers are chosen for curling, you need to pay special attention to their shape and direction of winding. For hair of medium length, it is better to choose curlers of a standard medium diameter, not too thin and not large. Before curling, lightly moisturize and brush with a small amount of styling foam. Then divide all the hair into three parts: the main one, going from the forehead to the back of the head along the middle part of the head, and the side, covering the temples and areas above the ears.

Step 3

Next, take one strand at a time, pulling it vertically to the scalp, and wind the curlers from the tip of the hair to the roots. Keep in mind that the direction of curl curl is also important. In particular, if you want to get a neat fluffy hairstyle, all curlers should be wound from top to bottom, as if wrapped inside the strand. In this case, all curlers should be located in neat even rows over the entire surface of the head. If, on the contrary, you want to get fluffy hair with a slight disheveled effect, wind the strands in different directions and choose them arbitrarily.

Step 4

Perm is great for medium length hair. Modern beauty salons offer a whole range of different types of curls: root, vertical, spiral, biowave, etc. Also, its intensity can be completely different - from small tight curls in a Negro style to elegant curls flowing in soft waves. A master stylist will help you choose a specific type of perm, taking into account your type of appearance and condition of your hair.

Step 5

The most popular for medium-length hair is the so-called American chemistry. Despite the rather high cost, it is very popular due to the fact that it creates a good volume with a completely natural look. At the same time, curls look almost natural.

Step 6

French bubble chemistry works well for oily hair. This perm gives fine, strong curls and good volume. It is ideal for medium length hair, creating the appearance of a lush natural head of hair and drying hair at the same time. No less popular is the “Silk Wave” perm. It creates soft, silky curls that look completely natural. Thanks to the protein preparation used for this curling, the hair after the procedure looks shiny and healthy.

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