How To Darken Your Hair Color

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How To Darken Your Hair Color
How To Darken Your Hair Color

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Women love to experiment with hair color, this process can refresh the look and cheer up. For those who are sensitive to the health of their hair, risky experiments on radical repainting are alien. But slightly change their color - make it lighter or slightly darker, will allow you to update the appearance without damaging the structure. This measure helps to even out the hair color along the entire length, create the impression of being well-groomed and natural. You can also make your hair darker with gentle folk remedies.

How to darken your hair color
How to darken your hair color


Step 1

Dye your hair with a mixture of henna and basma powders. Depending on the proportion of these natural herbal colorings, you can choose a different shade of dark hair. The use of basma together with henna allows you to get more durable staining. Such a compress for hair will also become a nourishing mask that will strengthen its structure, make it shiny and strong.

Step 2

If you just want to slightly change the tone of your hair, use a strong infusion of black tea to rinse it after each shampooing. After a few procedures, the result will become noticeable. This is a safe and healthy color method used by Indian women who are famous for the beauty and health of their hair.

Step 3

In Russia, hair has long been dyed with a decoction of oak bark. Get it from a pharmacy. Pour a few tablespoons of chopped oak bark with water and boil over low heat for 20 minutes. Cool and strain the broth, use it to rinse your hair after washing. Your hair will darken and take on a beautiful chestnut tint.

Step 4

You can make your hair darker with a decoction of natural coffee, which must be used as a mask for 2-3 weeks to achieve a visible effect. Add a couple of teaspoons of henna to the coffee powder to give your hair a light reddish appearance. Keep the mask on your head for several hours, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

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