How To Learn To Do Haircuts

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How To Learn To Do Haircuts
How To Learn To Do Haircuts

Video: How To Learn To Do Haircuts

Video: How To Learn To Do Haircuts
Video: 101: Learning the Basics of Haircutting | Kenra Professional 2023, December

Most people go to beauty salons to change their appearance and hairstyle, entrusting their hair to professionals. However, some people prefer to cut their own hair, and you too can learn how to do simple haircuts, saving time and money that is invariably spent visiting specialized salons and getting hairdressing services.

How to learn to do haircuts
How to learn to do haircuts


Step 1

To get started, learn how to hold the comb and scissors correctly when cutting. Hold the strand you are cutting between your index and middle fingers, pulling it tight, and the scissors in your right hand.

Step 2

You can move the comb from one hand to the other as needed. If you want to trim the parietal area of your hair, spray it on and comb through it, then secure the hair in each area with clips.

Step 3

Take scissors in your hand and place the pad of your thumb in one ring and your ring finger in the other, fixing the rings. Make sure you hold the scissors comfortably so they don't slip out of your hands. Use the tips of the scissors to trim your hair.

Step 4

Press the scissors to the palm of your hand and take a fine-tipped comb in your hand to highlight the strands, then separate the strand of hair going back from the forehead. Fix the strand with your fingers at the base, then grab it with a comb and comb it perpendicular to the head several times.

Step 5

Stretch the strand and with the fingers of your left hand pinch it to the desired level, determining the length. Place the comb in your left hand, then place your thumb back into the scissor ring and trim off the strand using the line you marked with your fingers.

Step 6

Continue to cut the strands, based on the length of the strand you have already cut, in the same way as described above. Comb out the strands parallel to the previous ones, mark the desired length and cut it with the tips of the scissors, shifting the comb to the left hand when cutting.