How To Make Spiral Curls

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How To Make Spiral Curls
How To Make Spiral Curls

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I would like to have a stylish hairstyle, but there is absolutely not enough time to visit a hairdressing salon. Spiral curls can be made at home by using special curlers and familiarizing yourself with the curling technique.

How to make spiral curls
How to make spiral curls


Step 1

The assortment of spiral curlers is very wide. Choose those that seem more convenient to you personally. There are curlers made of wood, rubber, plastic. Zigzag shoes, flexible, foam. They all have a slightly different effect.

Step 2

Any perm should start with the fact that you need to wash your hair. Dry your hair with a towel or hairdryer and get to work. For a more stable hairstyle, use a retainer before curling. For thin and weak hair, a strong hold mousse is better.

Step 3

To curl, separate hair strands no thicker than 1 centimeter. The strand should be combed. Note that the strand should be flat during winding. Place each new turn so that it half covers the previous one. Press the tip of the lock with a special bracket. Thus, wind all your hair on the curlers. Note that damp curls should be curled. If they dry out while curling, spray your hair with water.

Step 4

If you really want coiled curls, do not comb curled hair after carefully removing the curler. When trying to comb the curl, the spiral effect will be lost. Curls should be straightened with hands.

Step 5

You can use special threaded bobbins for curling. The curling technique is very simple. Do each turn of the strand, placing it in the groove. The curlers themselves are attached to the strands with the help of special hooks, and a rubber thread is wrapped over the curlers with a laid strand, the ends of which are fixed with tips. The thread is needed to fix the position of the curlers and curl. But you should use these curlers with caution. Hooks run the risk of losing some of your hair. Therefore, you should buy such curlers for spiral curls only if you have experience in curling with the help of such tools.

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