How To Attach Hair Extensions

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How To Attach Hair Extensions
How To Attach Hair Extensions

Video: How To Attach Hair Extensions

Video: How To Attach Hair Extensions
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Many women dream of lush, long and beautiful hair. However, not everyone succeeds in growing their hair to the desired length, and many have problems with splendor. That is why fashionistas and beauties have to come up with various ways to "lengthen" hair and increase its volume. One of these methods is overhead strands.

How to attach hair extensions
How to attach hair extensions

It is necessary

A comb with a thin handle, a mirror and, in fact, the overhead strands themselves


Step 1

Check out the type of hair strand attachment. You need to do this before you start attaching the strands to your natural hair. The information received will save you from some difficulties in the future.

Step 2

Tie the top of your hair into a ponytail. Practice attaching strands. To do this, take one strand and attach it to your hair. Then remove. Repeat the procedure several times until you feel confident doing it.

Step 3

Using the fine handle of the comb, part your hair in a straight line. Pull your hair into a high ponytail. Remember to attach your hair from the very bottom of your hair.

Step 4

Use the widest strands available to attach to the bottom of your hair. If you have two wide strands in your set, then you can easily secure both of them at this level. Attach the middle clamp first, followed by the side ones.

Step 5

Check if you have pinned the hair straight. It is important that the strands are not shifted to one side or the other. Also check the reliability of the fastening. The hair should stick well to the head. On top of this wide strand, attach the next wide one.