How To Make Beautiful Bundles

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How To Make Beautiful Bundles
How To Make Beautiful Bundles

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A bun hairstyle will make your look more feminine, and some of its options - elegant. In addition, the implementation of such a hairstyle does not require any special costs and a lot of time.

How to make beautiful bundles
How to make beautiful bundles


Step 1

If you're getting ready for a festive event, make a headband-embellished bun. To do this, wash your hair and try to straighten your hair as much as possible with a hair dryer and a brush. Then apply the fixing agent to the dried hair. This can be foam, mousse, lotion, or styling gel. Ponytail your hair and secure with an elastic band.

Step 2

If you have a long and thin neck, a low bun is preferable. A high and voluminous hairstyle is suitable for the flat shape of the nape. Pull the hair stretched out at the forehead with your hands a little and wrap the ponytail around the elastic so that it hangs loosely.

Step 3

Secure the bundle with hairpins and invisible hairpins. Then, put on a thin headband about 4 centimeters from your hairline. Then step back about 5 centimeters and put on the second headband. Fix the finished hairstyle with varnish.

Step 4

For a pairing with an evening dress, try making a bun out of wavy hair. To do this, apply styling lather to clean, slightly damp hair. Then style them with a hair dryer and a large round comb so that the hair becomes more luxuriant and smoother. Take a large diameter curling iron and wrap one of the strands around, but do not pinch it to avoid ringing. Likewise, make all your hair wavy.

Step 5

Gather the finished strands into a loose ponytail, fix with an elastic band and pass the hair through it again, but do not pull out the ends. As a result, you should have a loop that will need to be wrapped around the elastic while pointing downward. Secure your hair with hairpins and decorate with a barrette.

Step 6

For everyday hairstyles, a bun is suitable, made as follows. Comb all strands back and gather them into a high ponytail using a thin elastic band that matches the color of your hair. Comb the ponytail and divide it into thin strands, then make them loose enough bundles. Wrap each flagellum around the elastic and secure with pins, forming a bundle. Fix the finished hairstyle with varnish so that it can last all day.

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