How To Make Beautiful And Simple Hairstyles

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How To Make Beautiful And Simple Hairstyles
How To Make Beautiful And Simple Hairstyles

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A stylish, beautiful and simple hairstyle that can be done at home will help you look spectacular at a party, work, at school, college, on a walk and at home. It does not require a lot of time and effort, others will not be able to look away, and you will save money without visiting expensive salons. If you are in a hurry, you can do your hairstyle on the road, because it will not take even 10 minutes, and the result is great.

How to make beautiful and simple hairstyles
How to make beautiful and simple hairstyles


Step 1

A regular bundle will look advantageous on the head. It is done in a few seconds, does not require unnecessary devices, there are a huge number of types and styles. Ponytail your hair. On the second turn, you do not need to pull the tail out with an elastic band. It turned out to be a small bunch. Divide the dangling ends in half, take one half up the beam and carefully put it under the elastic so that they do not crawl out. Do the same with the other half, but on the other side. The hairstyle is ready. You can also decorate some areas with hairpins.

Step 2

Braids also look very good. Absolutely any size and shape. It can be a spikelet braided on its side. The classic way of weaving a spikelet is simple. All hair is divided in half, a strand is taken from each half from the side and passes into the other half. This continues until the end. When crossing the strands, an original pattern appears, similar to an ear. You can also braid two raised braids. The braid is so named because it is woven not like an ordinary braid towards itself, but, on the contrary, from itself. Ultimately, the narrow braid expands towards the neck and then narrows again.

Step 3

If your hair is not as thick, add volume with a wide satin ribbon and hairspray. Separate the top of the hair from the bottom and add volume to it. Having secured the hair with varnish, in a free position, a little higher than the rest, hold them with your hand. Then take the ribbon, tie the top of the head once in the form of a rim. The second time, lead it from the neck to the back of the head and tie a bow. After that, pull up some strands of hair in between the ribbons for fluffiness. Now you have thick hair without a wig, it looks stylish and practical.

Step 4

And an ordinary ponytail can be turned into a masterpiece. Pull your hair into a fist and separate one section. Wrap it around your tail instead of an elastic band. Remove the tip under this strand and spray everything with varnish. Braid the ponytail into a simple braid. To make the braid look wider, stretch each plexus to the sides. To create a youthful look, separate the long strands of hair near the temples, the extra ones can be removed under the invisibility. This is a new class hairstyle, it looks very fashionable.

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