Stylish Prom Hairstyles: Be The Center Of Attention

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Stylish Prom Hairstyles: Be The Center Of Attention
Stylish Prom Hairstyles: Be The Center Of Attention

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For many young women of fashion, the prom is like a royal ball for Cinderella. The most chic dresses and sophisticated accessories are bought for this event. However, beautiful clothes are only half the battle. A prom hairstyle plays an important role in creating a bright image. Competently selected and skillfully embodied on the hair, it is able to add zest and color to the image.

Stylish prom hairstyles: be the center of attention
Stylish prom hairstyles: be the center of attention

Bunches and bouffants

Graphic buns for perfectly smooth hair are one of the brightest trends of recent seasons. Stylists compare such beams to origami. The more fancy the bundle, the better. It is not difficult to do this hairstyle. To do this, build a tail at the base of the neck or at the back of the head, fasten the strands around the tail as you like. Then fix the hairstyle with nail polish. The final touch will be a decoration in the form of a beautiful hair clip, a living flower or a hoop. This hairstyle is perfect for a floor-length dress.

You should not write off fleeces, especially since they are again at the peak of popularity. This hairstyle will look quite stylish on smooth hair. The higher the fleece, the better. Lush styling in the spirit of Brigitte Bardot looks truly luxurious, stylish and bright.

Retro hairstyles for prom

Soft waves, glossy waves in the Hollywood spirit, babette, coke - all this will be very relevant at the prom. Such hairstyles will make a real lady out of a girl, an adult, but at the same time not vulgar.

Braided prom hairstyles

Hair braiding always looks very gentle and original. This is a great choice for prom also because such hairstyles retain their shape for a long time. Accessories play an important role here. Such hairstyles can always be decorated with natural and artificial flowers, a ribbon, a veil.

Graduation hairstyles in the Greek style

To become like a real goddess at prom, you need not a residence permit on Olympus, but just an antique-style hairstyle. The sweet and romantic image of the Greek goddess is deservedly popular not only among brides, but also among graduates. Falling curls, a tail of small braids, an elegant bun-knot - the choice is yours. These hairstyles will suit everyone, regardless of the texture, length and shade of hair.


A high sleek ponytail is a sure-fire option for prom hairstyles. It is suitable for those who want to add an elegant chic to the image. To prevent this hairstyle from looking too boring, decorate the ponytail with some bright detail, for example, a ribbon or beads.

Loose hair at prom

Who said you shouldn't come to prom with your hair down? It's time to break this ridiculous stereotype. If your hair is full of health, loose hair is your ideal option. To add zest to your look, part your hair with an unusual parting. Recently, stylists have favored the parting in the form of the English letter "V": it is done directly at the hairline, slightly higher than it, or in the form of a letter turned on its side. If you decide to limit yourself to loose hair, do bright makeup. Luscious touches on the eyelids or scarlet lipstick are a good way to complete this look.

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