How To Get A Prom Hairstyle

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How To Get A Prom Hairstyle
How To Get A Prom Hairstyle

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To shine in all its glory at the prom, you need to carefully choose an outfit, accessories, makeup for him. And, of course, a hairstyle - stylish, elegant, highlighting your personality.

How to get a prom hairstyle
How to get a prom hairstyle


Step 1

If you have long hair, such a simple option is relevant: lightly tousled strands falling over your shoulders in light waves. But do not confuse a similar hairstyle with wild unkempt hair. The effect of negligence is achieved here with the help of styling products. Hair is twisted on large curlers or curled with tongs, then gently combed. Highlighted or lightened strands look especially impressive in such a hairstyle, visually creating additional volume.

Step 2

You can focus on curls if your face type suits them. In this case, wind the curls on thin papillotes or use the services of a hairdresser. But keep in mind that cool curled hair excludes romantic, flirty lace and ruffles in a festive outfit.

Step 3

A high ponytail is ideal for prom. To do it is very simple: pull the hair at the back of your head and comb it well. This hairstyle is convenient because it will not lose its shape until the end of the ball. If you decide to transform the ponytail into a modest bun, get creative with decorating it. Satin ribbon, unusual hair clip, bright bow, flower - choose what suits you best and to your liking.

Step 4

A variety of braids - from French to African - look very romantic and attractive. It is important not to overdo it with their number and intricacy. Practice, try different options: there are many instructions for weaving braids on the Internet.

Step 5

Short hair can be curled and styled in neat waves, or brushed into the side parting in a retro style. The haircut in a cascade or tier looks interesting. And if nature requires unusualness, riot, build a hairstyle with a disheveled effect, with loose strands, fluffy long bangs. But again - observe a sense of proportion, do not take unjustified risks, experiment with your hair in advance.

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