How To Cut Side Bangs

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How To Cut Side Bangs
How To Cut Side Bangs

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Rare modern hairstyles do without bangs. Bangs not only soften facial features, but also hide imperfections such as a too high forehead or a scar. Oblique bangs are the most popular among today's beauties.

You can cut the bangs yourself
You can cut the bangs yourself

It is necessary

  • - hairdressing scissors
  • - flat comb
  • - hair clips
  • - spray bottle with water
  • - mirror


Step 1

Before you start modeling your bangs, think about what it should be. Long or short, thick or not very thick. Do not wet your head too much before cutting. Wet hair is easier to cut, but in this case, without some experience, it is difficult to predict how high the bangs will jump after a haircut.

Step 2

Comb thoroughly, use a comb to separate the part of the hair that you decide to cut in a semicircle. Comb the remaining hair back and secure with clips.

Step 3

Imagine your bangs in your mind, in which direction it should be looking. Consider the location of your usual parting and crown on your head.

Step 4

Stand directly in front of the mirror, comb your hair again, lightly dampen it with water from a spray bottle.

Step 5

Make a small incision on the shortest part of the future bangs, try not to do it too high, the bangs should start no higher than the level of the eyebrows.

Step 6

Now determine the maximum length of the bangs and make another cut on the other side of it. Using the scissors to guide the cuts, cut the hair by running the scissors in a line from top to bottom.

Step 7

If you doubt whether you have chosen the right length, cut your hair to a minimum first, ruffle it with your hand, see what happens. If necessary, trim the bangs until they are the way you want them.

Step 8

The dry ends of your hair can be trimmed lightly with the point of the scissors pointing vertically upward to help the bangs look more natural.

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