How To Weave Unusual Pigtails

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How To Weave Unusual Pigtails
How To Weave Unusual Pigtails

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The braid is a simple hairstyle, but it has so many varieties that you can choose your own suitable option for any occasion. And by decorating the braids with accessories, you can make a real festive hairstyle from an ordinary braid.

How to weave unusual pigtails
How to weave unusual pigtails


Step 1

Pigtails from plaits.

Divide your hair into three sections. Twist each strand into a tight bundle. Hold all three braids with your fingers so that they do not unwind during braiding. Weave a pigtail from the bundles and secure it with a tight elastic band or hair clip.

Step 2

A braid of four strands.

Brush clean, slightly damp hair and comb it back to the back of the head. Divide them into four equal strands. Give each strand a conditional number, while letting the rightmost strand be the first. Take the first strand and place it on the second. Place the third strand over the first and second. Then take the fourth strand and pass it under the first. In the same sequence, braid the braid to the desired length.

Step 3

"Fish tail".

Comb your hair thoroughly and comb it back. Take a thin section of hair from the left and right temples, cross them at the back of the head. While holding the intersection with your fingers, take another strand from the left side and place it on top. Then take a strand from the right side, place it on top. So keep braiding until the end. Such a braid can be decorated with an artificial flower or special rhinestones for hair.

Step 4

A braid of five strands.

Comb dry hair and comb back. Divide them into five equal strands. Just as in the second step, assign conditional numbers to the strands. Take the first strand and place it on the second. Then take the third and place it on the first. Put the fifth strand on the fourth, and draw the first over the fifth. Tighten and continue to weave, trying to keep the same pattern.

Step 5

Inverted French braid.

Comb all of your hair back and divide into three sections. Draw the rightmost strand under the central one, then draw the left one under the central one to the right. Grab some of the loose hair along with the right strand and cross again with the central one. Then do the same with the left strand. The main difference between this French braid and the usual one is that the extreme strand is always held under the central one, and not above it.

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