How To Do Your 60s Hairstyle

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How To Do Your 60s Hairstyle
How To Do Your 60s Hairstyle

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In the 60s of the last century, the Babette hairstyle became extremely popular. Ladies tried to copy her, looking at the eponymous heroine Brigitte Bardot in the film "Babette Goes to War". Today, an exact replica of such styling may look somewhat old-fashioned. But based on it, you can make stylizations that will remind you of the 60s.

How to do your 60s hairstyle
How to do your 60s hairstyle


Step 1

Wash your hair. Oily curls in a fleece will very quickly lose their shape. Dry them with a hair dryer. If you have thick, heavy hair, tilt your head while drying and direct a stream of hot air at the roots.

Step 2

Divide dry hair into several sections. Separate the front and sides in a 1 cm thick strand, roll them into bundles and secure with hairpins.

Step 3

Divide the rest of the shock into separate "sections". Each strand will need to be combed separately. At the same time, move from the top of the head to the back of the head. Take the first strand, lift it up. From top to bottom, gently run through your hair. First, do the bouffant, stepping back a centimeter from the roots, then rise one centimeter higher. With these segments, comb the entire strand to the ends. Secure the result with maximum hold varnish. In this way, treat the entire mass of hair at the crown and back of the head. Gather all the combed strands into one shock, bend the ends of the hair and secure with invisible ones. Hair can be folded down or to the side. As a result, you should have a neat roller.

Step 4

With unkempt hair that remains around the roller, you need to evenly close the bouffant. To do this, loosen the curled strands and comb them with a fine-toothed comb. Pull the hair up at the neck, secure it at the top of the roller with invisible hairpins or hairpins. Then also fix the hair at the sides, lastly lower it down and pin the top of the hair under the roller. The base of the hairstyle can be decorated with a wide ribbon that matches the color of the clothes.

Step 5

Hair does not have to be tied up in a neat hairstyle. You can make a bouffant, distribute the front and side uncombed strands over it, and leave the hair loose under the roller. You can make your hairstyle democratic by releasing a few strands at the temples or pre-creating curls.

Step 6

If your hair is not thick enough, use a ready-made "babette" - an artificial hair patch that is attached with bobby pins.

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