How Beautiful To Collect Hair

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How Beautiful To Collect Hair
How Beautiful To Collect Hair

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It is not enough to have a chic head of hair, you also need to know how to make a beautiful and original hairstyle. There are many ways to pull your hair together effectively. Thick and long hair will look great even in the most simple braid. And it is the pigtail that can serve as the basis for hairstyles.

How beautiful to collect hair
How beautiful to collect hair


Step 1

Stars often make careless braids, and not only in everyday life, but also for special occasions. It is very easy to create such a hairstyle. First, wash your hair. Preferably with a shampoo for volume. Apply foam and dry without using a comb. Then pull your hair back to one side and braid it. Pull a couple of strands out of the braid. Fix the final result with varnish.

Step 2

Of course, one cannot ignore the most common method, like a French braid, which can be performed in several versions. To perform a classic French braid, you need to weave new strands as you weave the braids in the usual technique. She can be very weak. For this weave, large strands are used at the back of the head. Having mastered this tactic, you can start weaving more complex braids. A braid can be a very good solution to the question of how to braid your hair beautifully for every day. It is a great addition and will suit any style of clothing. Hair that is braided and tied at the crown of the head is perfect with a tailored suit.

Step 3

Tails are also very popular. Make a high ponytail. Loosen the elastic at the horses a little and pull out two strands on the sides. Ruffle your tail. So a very stylish hairstyle for every day is ready.

Step 4

Styling-effect of wet hair. Wash your hair and apply a styling lather. Then blow dry your hair with a diffuser hen. Treat with varnish. All is ready. You can also comb them and make a ponytail in the lower occipital zone, pin it into a bun with invisible ones and the evening hairstyle is ready. And you are ready to conquer everyone in your irresistible way.

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