How To Style Your Hair Quickly And Beautifully

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How To Style Your Hair Quickly And Beautifully
How To Style Your Hair Quickly And Beautifully

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Complex styling of tight curls and weaves of braids and waves is an excellent option for competitive podiums. But in ordinary life, they look too pretentious. Moreover, the creation of such creations of hairdressing art takes too long. Learn to quickly make original styling with a minimum of available tools.

How to style your hair quickly and beautifully
How to style your hair quickly and beautifully

It is necessary

  • - shampoo;
  • - moisturizing conditioner;
  • - hairdryer;
  • - styling spray;
  • - means for hot curling;
  • - curling tongs;
  • - hairpins;
  • - hairpins;
  • - beads and ribbons;
  • - a small scarf.


Step 1

Wash your hair and condition your hair with a moisturizing conditioner before styling. Do not apply the product to the hair roots, otherwise the strands will become too heavy and volume will not be achieved. Do not overuse styling products - quick hairstyles should look light and a little sloppy.

Step 2

For a date or a party, a hairstyle from carelessly selected curls is suitable. Dry hair that is damp after washing under a warm stream of air from a hair dryer, lifting and squeezing the strands with your free hand. Use your fingers like a comb. As a result, you will get a shock of slightly tangled voluminous curls.

Step 3

Gather the loose ends of your hair in one hand and twist them at the back of your head, securing them with a large hairpin. Run your fingers through your hair and fluff it up a bit to make it look a little messy. Pull out a few thin strands gently. Apply styling spray to them and wrap the curls around your finger. Hold it longer - this method of curling perfectly fixes the curl.

Step 4

If you have long hair, you can try the trendy hippie chic style. Treat dry strands with a hot styler and curl them in spiral tongs. Let your hair cool and use your fingers to lightly fluff up the curls, creating an artistic mess on the head. Smooth the hair down a little with a large brush. Braid a few fine braids around your face and weave them with beads, colored ribbons or thin laces.

Step 5

For a party or a walk, an original lush styling is suitable. Air dry hair that is damp after washing, squeezing and combing the strands with your fingers. Gather the curls at the back of the head, shifting them a little to the side, twist them into a bundle, tuck them in the form of a bundle and secure with a flat hair clip. Roll up a small scarf of cotton or silk, matched to the color of the outfit, wrap a bun with it and attach the fabric to your hair with hairpins. Do not tighten the knot of the scarf - it should look airy and casual.

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