How To Wind Your Hair With Long Curlers

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How To Wind Your Hair With Long Curlers
How To Wind Your Hair With Long Curlers

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Long curlers or boomerangs are one of the most gentle and safe ways to create bouncy curls. Having learned how to use them correctly, you can give up electric tongs and hot rollers. The styling created in this way lasts a very long time and does not harm the hair.

How to wind your hair with long curlers
How to wind your hair with long curlers

It is necessary

  • - long curlers;
  • - styling foam;
  • - water;
  • - hairdryer.


Step 1

Choose the correct size and diameter curler. The thinner they are, the finer the curls will turn out. Keep in mind that too thick boomerangs curl your hair more difficult, and you may simply not get bouncy curls. Before buying, try to bend the curler stick: it should keep its shape and not bend. Quality boomerangs are crafted from rubber-like foam with durable copper wire inside.

Step 2

Wash your hair, dry it naturally or blow dry 70-80% cold air and comb thoroughly. Hair should be elastic and slightly damp, so your future styling will be fixed most firmly. Calculate approximately how thick you need to separate the strands so that the available amount of curlers is enough.

Step 3

Take a section of hair, comb it again, and apply a styling lather (an amount about the size of a large bean) to it. Spread over the entire length. Without waiting for drying, start winding the strand on the curlers from the bottom up. Cross the tips of the boomerang for a firm hold.

Step 4

You can wait for your hair to dry naturally in long curlers. This will ensure the most gentle perm. It is enough to wait 1-1.5 hours. In this case, you can even take a bath in parallel, make a mask or wrap. If you've wrapped dry hair on boomerangs, the wet steam will only enhance the hold and foam for styling.

Step 5

If you don't have time, dry your curled hair thoroughly with a hot hairdryer. To see if the curls are ready, take off one boomerang and touch the hair inside. They must be completely dry, otherwise the styling will disappear after an hour.

Step 6

Start rolling the curlers from top to bottom. In no case, do not pull them out of the curled curl. Hair can get tangled at the edges, and it will be very difficult to remove the curlers. Spray your curls with hairspray for a stronger hold.

Step 7

Rinse your curler with warm water to remove any remaining hair foam. Finished curls can be styled into any hairstyle. As a rule, hair twisted on long curlers retains its shape for a very long time. At the same time, they gradually turn from elastic curls into soft, lush waves.

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