How To Wear Hair With Bobby Pins

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How To Wear Hair With Bobby Pins
How To Wear Hair With Bobby Pins

Video: How To Wear Hair With Bobby Pins

Video: How To Wear Hair With Bobby Pins
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Hair clips will allow you to lengthen and add volume to your own head of hair. They are convenient for going out, for an event, for a date or just visiting. They will give your look a real Hollywood chic. You can put on hair on hairpins-clips on your own, following simple rules.

How to wear hair with bobby pins
How to wear hair with bobby pins

It is necessary

  • - strands on clips (hairpins);
  • - hairbrush;
  • - a crab hair clip for raising and fixing your own hair.


Step 1

For a sophisticated look, choose hair clips that match your natural hair color. Buy long, soft strands made from natural or artificial hair. Pay attention to their external condition: do not buy cheap hair - it will quickly become unusable. If you want to make an unusual hairstyle, opt for colors that are different from your basic tone. Thus, you will get an extra-fashion hairstyle that arouses genuine interest in others.

Step 2

Make a horizontal parting below the nape. Secure the bulk of your hair with a hair clip on the crown of your head. If you can't do it on your own, ask a friend / relative to help you. The parting should be even.

Step 3

Take a strip of hair. Open the hair clips along its entire length. The silicone tape located under them will securely fix the artificial strands on the head.

Step 4

Bring your hair on barrettes to the part you have made. It is necessary to fix them on your own hair, as close as possible to the scalp bared with a parting. First, secure the center barrette (scoop up your own hair with the teeth of the barrette and close it). Do the same with the clips located along the edges of the fixing strip. At the same time, do not stretch the artificial hair too much, let the free space sag a little - this will not at all affect the good fixation.

Step 5

After fixing the first strip, make the second part. To do this, loosen your hair, step back from the first parting about three centimeters and secure the remaining hair with a barrette. Choose a strip of faux hair with four bobby pins. In the first case, it was used with three. Increasing the width is necessary to create the most realistic "pattern" of hair growth. Put on your hair with bobby pins in the same way as the first time.

Step 6

Make the next parting at the top of your ears. This part of the head is also wide enough, so a hair band on four hairpins is used. Attach it to your hair in the same way as before.

Step 7

Loosen the hair that is pinned down. Make the last parting for putting on hair at the very top of the head. Do not forget that artificial hair should be attached to real hair, and also "covered" with them on top. A strip with three clips is used for the crown.

Step 8

Work the hair on the bobby pins on the side of your head. Part a few centimeters above your temples. Use hair with two bobby pins for fastening. Step back a couple of inches from the actual hair that frames your face. Thus, artificial strands will not give themselves away and will simply create additional volume and length.

Step 9

Attach the remaining strands (on one clip) as needed. They can be placed in the area behind the ears or on the temples. Make sure that they are not located along the outer hairline and do not frame the face. Also, if you have a stepped haircut, carefully monitor the symmetry of the arrangement of artificial strands.