How To Make Voluminous Curls

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How To Make Voluminous Curls
How To Make Voluminous Curls
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Many girls with straight hair are jealous of the owners of beautiful curls and curls, not appreciating their gift of nature. But straight hair has at least one advantage: it is much more difficult to straighten curly hair than to wind straight hair. You can transform straight hair using several methods, while obtaining a wide variety of curl sizes.

How to make voluminous curls
How to make voluminous curls


Step 1

With the first method, you can create a slight negligence. This method works well for short hair. To do this, you will need a gel, mousse or cream for volume, wax. Apply mousse and gel to damp hair. Then, randomly, in random order, lift the strands up, pull slightly, shake them and dry them with a hairdryer at the very roots. Using a comb, brush slightly damp hair up and spray with varnish. Then again, chaotically, with sharp movements, dry your hair with a hairdryer. To add shine to strands, apply some wax to dry hair. The wet hair effect will help make your look sexy. To get it, use a special gel with the appropriate mark.

Step 2

The second method is for creating small curls. You will need a mousse (gel) and a diffuser attachment. Apply mousse or gel to your hair and remember it along the entire length. Then dry with a hairdryer at the very roots, while tilting your head down. Then collect the hair in a diffuser and dry with a hot, but not very strong air stream, pressing the diffuser against the head. Use only mousse or gel marked “for easy fix”.

Step 3

The third method will help you achieve fine, voluminous curls. From the tools you will need papillots and mousse (gel). With the help of papillotes, you can make charming curls even in the morning before work. To do this, wash your hair an hour before going out, apply mousse or gel and dry your hair almost completely. Divide them into strands and wind them on papillotes. First, the ends of the hair, and then the whole strand. The thinner the papillotes you use, the more the curl will curl. Dry your hair to the end with a hairdryer and after an hour remove the papillotes without pulling the curls. Part your hair with your fingers. Model your hairstyle without using a comb. Volume can be added with a hairdryer, then immediately fix the hair with a medium hold varnish. If you want to enhance the effect of curls, twist each strand around its axis before winding it on the papillotes.

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