How To Style Long Bangs

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How To Style Long Bangs
How To Style Long Bangs

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Bangs in any female hairstyle have a number of significant advantages. Firstly, it can hide possible imperfections on your face, such as a wide forehead or a pronounced oval of the face. Secondly, this little trick of hairdressers is able to hide age, making the face look younger, and the look bright and expressive. Thirdly, a haircut with bangs always looks more complete. But in order for the image to be stylish and visually complete, you need to take care of the bangs every day.

Beautiful long bangs - the result of professional styling
Beautiful long bangs - the result of professional styling

It is necessary

To style your bangs and your entire head, you will need a hair dryer itself, perhaps a diffuser, a round brush, a comb with very fine teeth and a medium hold varnish. You can purchase a shine styling product if you wish


Step 1

Immediately after washing your hair, let your hair dry a little on its own. Then take a hairdryer and use it to dry all your hair, including the bangs, lifting them at the roots with a round brush. This will add extra volume to your hair.

Step 2

Now that your hair is almost dry, apply a shine conditioner to the ends of your hair and a little on your bangs. You can dry your hair to the end by pulling it out with a round brush to give it a dazzling shine and smoothness.

Step 3

When the hairstyle is almost ready, at a distance of 20 cm, apply a little varnish on the bangs and comb it with a fine comb so that the ends of the hair do not stick together from the varnish.

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