How To Return Light Brown Hair Color

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How To Return Light Brown Hair Color
How To Return Light Brown Hair Color

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In youth, you always want to experiment, including experiments with your own appearance. Having gained the desired independence, girls begin to enthusiastically look for ways of self-expression, dye their hair, change their hairstyles. But several years pass and the young woman begins to understand that her natural light brown shade suits her the most. But, alas, after numerous repaints, the hair acquires any color other than its own. How to return natural light brown hair color after dyeing?

How to return light brown hair color
How to return light brown hair color


Step 1

The ability to regain your natural color largely depends on how it was originally altered. You can lose the natural shade not only as a result of hair coloring, but also after a perm or when washing your hair with tint shampoos. In the latter case, it will be quite easy to return to the natural color - tint shampoos and foams are completely washed off in about a month and a half.

Step 2

If your hair has been discolored as a result of perm or lightening, the easiest way is to choose a dye that most closely matches the natural shade and dye your hair with it. With regular dyeing, after a while, the hair will grow back and the colored fragments will imperceptibly change to natural ones.

Step 3

To select a chemical paint of the closest shade, you can do two things. First, wait until the unpainted hair roots grow back, and select the dye in accordance with their color. But if you don't want to walk around with a sloppy head, you can do otherwise.

Step 4

Choose a bright, sunny day, rinse off your make-up and take a close look at the color of your eyebrows, eyes and skin. In accordance with them, select the desired paint. For a more accurate selection, you can use probes - artificial small strands, painted in different colors and attached to a common cardboard circle. Probes like this are always available in cosmetic stores and hairdressing salons.

Step 5

Take a probe, walk with it to the mirror and apply the samples to your face one by one. When you find the one that works best, look at the paint code it matches.

Step 6

If the hair was originally dyed a darker color, it will be more difficult to return to a natural light brown shade. In this case, you can either completely bleach the hair first, in order to then dye it in a suitable light brown shade. Or, if the hair is not very long, wait until it grows back and cut the dyed ends. But in this case, you will have to walk with a carelessly painted head for at least two to three months.

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