How To Make Voluminous Bangs

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How To Make Voluminous Bangs
How To Make Voluminous Bangs

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Well-chosen bangs can liven up the hairstyle and will correct certain facial features. Voluminous fluffy bangs always look invariably stylish, and also especially well in harmony with graduated haircuts, with all sorts of options for a universal bob and with long hair. To create a lush, voluminous bangs, you need to shorten a large part of your hair.

How to make voluminous bangs
How to make voluminous bangs

It is necessary

  • - hairdryer;
  • - mousse, foam or hair gel;
  • - round brush.


Step 1

Thick, thick hair is easiest to create with voluminous bangs, but thin, flat strands are most beneficial. Voluminous bangs, especially with complex coloring, visually increase the volume of the hair.

Step 2

First, to create voluminous bangs for yourself, apply some mousse, gel or foam to slightly damp hair and style using a round brush and hair dryer. If you want voluminous but straight and flat bangs, then direct the air stream of the hair dryer after the flat brush from top to bottom.

Step 3

Bulky bangs are different. And before proceeding with the styling itself, you need to determine which bangs are best for you. For example, if you have a narrow, low forehead, thick (taken almost from the crown of the head), deep (cut almost to the ears) bangs will suit you. Bulky bangs below the eyebrows can distract attention from a large nose, and for women with small facial features, voluminous bangs are suitable. If you have a high forehead, the bangs do not need to be made too thick, this will lead to a disproportionate face. For a wide face, less deep voluminous bangs, with rounded or filleted corners, are suitable. Curly hair is not always allowed to make voluminous bangs.

Step 4

Puffy pin-up bangs: Tie all your hair into one sleek bun and secure it at the back of your head. First comb the bangs, then twist with tongs until a beautiful curl appears along the edge and secure with varnish.

Step 5

Voluminous bangs in the style of a movie star: roll the hair treated with mousse in large curlers, blow dry with a round brush. Form a side parting, and then style the fluffy bangs on the right side.

Step 6

Rock 80s chunky bangs: Comb through all hair carefully, pulling up, including the bangs. After that, treat combed hair with a strong hold gel.

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