How To Weave American Braids

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How To Weave American Braids
How To Weave American Braids

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If you like to change your look and do not spend a lot of time on daily styling, African American braids will help you. This popular hairstyle will help you easily change the length, volume and color of your hair. The most common type of African American braids are braids using synthetic kanekalon fiber.

How to weave American braids
How to weave American braids


Step 1

American braids can be woven in two ways: "over the head" or pointwise. For this hairstyle, shoulder-length hair cut in steps is best. But even with very short hair (less than 3-4 cm), you can make Afro-braids by extending them to the desired length.

Step 2

The number of braids to be braided will depend on how thick you want your hair to be. They begin to weave them from the middle of the head. For this, partings are made, but you can weave without them. Kanekalon synthetic material is attached at the base of the pigtail by tying a knot. Braids are woven from it and the hair for several hours or days.

Step 3

African-style pigtails can be made wavy - with a small or large wave, and their ends can be simply cut off, as well as with a tassel or knot. You can also create the effect of the "live end" of the braid, or you can decorate its tip with a bead.

Step 4

When 2 strands of hair are twisted in a spiral, ropes are obtained; if the strands are woven around their axis, then bundles are obtained. You can make a "sausage" by wrapping one strand that weaves with another strand.

Step 5

The Afro-braided head is washed after five days with a shampoo without conditioner so that no sticky residue remains on the hair. It is convenient to use a sponge when washing. It is used to apply shampoo to the hair roots, massage the scalp with your fingers, and then thoroughly rinse off the shampoo.

Step 6

The duration of wearing African braids depends on the number of weaves. The more of them, the longer the hairstyle will hold. On average, about 200 braids are braided on the head. This amount is optimal for maintaining the health of hair and beauty of the hairstyle. A hairstyle with afro-braids lasts for about 2, 5 months, and if you carry out the correction of braids along the edges of the hairline, then it can last a month longer.

Step 7

A braided hairstyle will protect your hair from all kinds of chemicals that are part of styling products for a long time. In addition, you will acquire a new hair color without the harmful effects of dyes. At the same time, the possibilities of color solutions are very extensive. By using different colored Kanekalon fibers, interesting color variations can be achieved. Hair can be given a highlighting effect by weaving kanekalon into the curls with a color a tone or two higher than the color of your natural hair.

Step 8

African braids will protect your hair from the influence of environmental factors - moisture, dry air, temperature changes, etc., since the curls in the braids are, as if in a case, but at the same time they breathe. When you unwind your African braids, you will see livelier, healthier hair.

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