How To Braid Your Hair

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How To Braid Your Hair
How To Braid Your Hair

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Whatever trends prevail in modern fashion, a variety of braids and braided hairstyles, from ancient times to this day, have been and remain a favorite adornment of every woman with long hair. Braids make the hairstyle more graceful and feminine, and their wide variety allows you to create a variety of hairstyles with braids - both everyday and strict, and complex evening ones. You will learn how to correctly braid simple braids from our article.

How to braid your hair
How to braid your hair


Step 1

The simplest and most common way to weave is a three-strand braid. Comb your hair gently, comb it back and divide it into three equal strands. Place the third strand in the center, swiping to the left over the second strand, and then between the third and second strands, place the first strand, swiping it to the right.

Step 2

Continue braiding the strands as described until the braid is the desired length. Leave a small ponytail and tie it with an elastic band or hairpin.

Step 3

A more complex braid will turn out when weaving in four strands. To do this, divide the hair at the back of your head into four sections. Put the first strand on the second, the third strand on the first, and the fourth under the first. Then place the second strand on the third, the fourth on the second, and the first under the second. Then place the third strand on the fourth, the first on the third, and the second under the third. Weave the braid according to this pattern to the end.

Step 4

You can also try braiding a five-strand braid - the braiding pattern will be the same as in the four-strand braiding method described above, but the hair needs to be divided into five sections. Weaving begins with the fifth strand - the far right.

Step 5

To braid an intricate six-strand braid, divide the hair at the back of your head into six sections, and then weave the braid in several stages.

Step 6

Put the first strand on the second, then put the first strand under the third, and again put the first on the fourth. Then continue to weave the first strand, placing it under the fifth strand, and then place the sixth strand under the first.

Step 7

In the second stage of weaving, begin to weave the second strand - place it first on the third strand, then under the fourth, then on the fifth, then under the sixth, and finish with the first strand placed under the second. In the third step, repeat the same with the third strand, and finish by placing the second strand under the third.

Step 8

The "Spikelet" braid looks spectacular and elegant. To braid it, select a small section of hair between the crown and the back of the head, and braid it, and then comb the strands on the right and braid them to the "spikelet". Then braid the left strand. Connect the two side braids to the center braid and braid to the end. Weave the small strands on the right and left into a mesh.

Step 9

You can create a voluminous braid from thin and runny hair using artificial hair of your shade. To do this, comb your hair and begin to weave a braid, then from the second row of weaving, begin to weave artificial strands, adding them one by one.

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