How To Choose A Hairstyle For Thin Hair

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How To Choose A Hairstyle For Thin Hair
How To Choose A Hairstyle For Thin Hair

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Falling out, or sparse naturally thin hair can cause a lot of grief to its owner. They have no volume, they fall flat and the hairstyle looks boring. However, the problem can be corrected - just choose the right haircut and styling products.

How to choose a hairstyle for thin hair
How to choose a hairstyle for thin hair


Step 1

The basis of a good hairstyle is the right haircut. Forget about long, straight hair that falls over your shoulders or is pulled into a knot. Such hairstyles will only accentuate hair imperfections. But a haircut in strands or a cascade will visually increase the volume and facilitate styling.

Step 2

Determine your face type. An oval haircut will go in short steps or long layers. Choose a square or rectangular hairstyle with voluminous bangs or layered bob. A graduated square is suitable for a round, and the proportions of a triangular face will be balanced by a haircut in layers with soft curls outward.

Step 3

Give up hard graphic lines. Rare hair is shown negligence, blurring of the contour. Fluffy strands look more voluminous.

Step 4

Light waves and soft curls go to thin hair. Consider a gentle perm. Modern technologies allow you to create very natural curls and do not disturb the hair structure. If you are hesitant to permanently curl, buy soft, voluminous curlers - they will help curl your hair without damaging it.

Step 5

If your facial features allow it, get a short haircut. "Hedgehog", feathers of various lengths, very high bob - these hairstyles are young and refreshing. But they will not suit girls with a large figure - the "small head" will overly distort your proportions.

Step 6

Radically black hair or blond strands with dark roots visually make the hair even more fluid. Choose a trendy soft shade of chestnut or light brown. Golden blondes should add warm honey highlights to their hair, while cold platinum ones should be changed to ashy. Delicate shades will visually make the hairstyle more voluminous.

Step 7

Don't forget about proper care. Wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and apply a soft mousse to your hair before styling. Instead of a strong hold nail polish, use a lighter product that does not weigh down your curls.

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